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3D Matrix Booster

The latest breakthrough in coating technology for an innovative surface


3D Matrix Booster



Autotriz 3D Matrix Hybrid combines two of the greatest discoveries in science- Graphene and Polysilazane, to enhance the performance of nano coating. When Graphene is infused within the molecular structure of Polysilazane, its bonding strength and durability is greatly enhanced.



An revolutionary and advanced nano ceramic coating formulation to establish absolute paint protection that gives promising results.


Scratches & Swirls

Scratches and swirls caused by improper car wash techniques

Lost of Gloss

Lost of gloss of clear coat caused by UV light exposure.

Stains & Spots

Over time paint will become visibly dull, rough, and covered with stains.


Extremely Resistant to Chemical

Advanced nano technology with Polysilazane properties resulting in extremely strong and stable molecular bonds. The coating does not lose its performance after being repeatedly washed with a strong detergent.


Surface Protection

Graphene technology nano coating with above 9H hardness minimizes all kinds of scratches from elements such as road debris, road tar , and more.

High Gloss and Colour Depth

Elevate and amplify the color and glossiness of the paint by up to 20%

Stain Protection

Outperform traditional nano ceramic coating with incomparable performance and protection, excellence in preventing water spots, stains, and dirt.


UV Proteciton.png

Permanent bond

Superior to Siloxane based coating and other traditional coatings.

UV Proteciton.png

UV protection

Preserves valuable surfaces against aging and discoloration.

UV Proteciton.png


Protect against the build-up of surface rust caused by road salt.

UV Proteciton.png

Thermal resistance

The coating does not lose its stability under high temperatures.

UV Proteciton.png

Weather protection

Suitable for all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

UV Proteciton.png

High durability

The excellent protection does not deteriorate easily.


Shake well before use.

Get ready with 3 pieces of a brand new, lint-free microfiber towel. (It is recommended that new towels to be rinsed or washed with water prior to use to reduce the loosing lint)

When first applying AUTOTRIZ 3D Matrix Hybrid Coating on a substrate, it is recommended to condition the surface of the applicator block with 7-8 drops to prevent skipping or dry spots.

Do not work on a large area at a time. It is recommended to do a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area at a time.

Apply AUTOTRIZ 3D Matrix Hybrid Coating using normal pressure on the applicator. Make sure the area is well covered. Always start from an edge to avoid excess on other panels. Work in controlled areas to remember where you previously applied. Work in horizontal or vertical movements to ensure that product is carried through consistently.

Wait for 1-2 minutes. Use the first towel to level the product.

Go immediately over with a second microfiber towel with a polishing motion until the surface is free from residue.

Follow by the third towel (this is called the “insurance towel”) and go over the surface one extra time just to make sure you haven’t missed any streaks or excess residue just to make sure you haven’t missed any streaks or excess residue.

When the whole car is applied, allow the curing of the coating to begin. Wait approximately 30-60 minutes before applying a second layer. For the ultimate in hydrophobic results and durability, it can be over-coated with AUTOTRIZ Top Coat.

Curing times depend on temperature and humidity. Applying too early and the product will dissolve the previous layer. Allow curing of coating to begin. Curing can be accelerated using IR Lamps. Follow the lamp manufacturer's recommended settings.

Keep coating away from all polish and compound dust during the curing process.


Lighting is of utmost importance during the application of a coating to paint. Spot Light like Scangrip is a good lighting system to inspect paint defects during polishing but in fact, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use to check the residue of coating left on the paint. The suitable lighting system is Diffused Light.


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