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Experiencing a clear view in all types of weather conditions


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Autotriz Glass Lite creates a thin film layer repelling water and dirt from glass. This unique formulation has excellent chemical resistance. Its super hydrophobic properties allow rain flowing off glass surface, resulting in increase of visibility especially in rain and snow. It acts as an exceptional water-repellent coating that reduces water spots on glass. Enhanced clarity of glass makes your driving experience safer and more comfortable.



A tough barrier of protection for all glass while providing a clear vision that improves your driving experience.



Driving in rain under poor visibility is a major cause of accidents


Glare and blur vision during the night due to formation of oil film


It is common for snow to build up on the windshield during winter.


Optical Clarity

Enhance the night driving experience by eliminating factors such as glare or any light disturbance that affect visibility.


Protect Against Water Spots

Superb against the build-up of water spots, stains, and oil as it acts as a layer of protection that repel dirt of any kind

Improve Driving in Rain

The unique hydrophobic properties allow rain to flow off glass surfaces effortlessly, giving a better driving experience during the stormy season.

Improve Winter Driving Experience

Provides a better driving experience during snowy seasons as the layer of protection from the coating rejects the snow, preventing it from building up.


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Improve Visibility

Provides a crystal-clear vision while driving in rain.

UV Proteciton.png

Chemical Resistance

Cannot be washed away easily by chemicals and detergents.

UV Proteciton.png

Glare Reduction

Reduce glare disturbance during the drive.

UV Proteciton.png

Super Hydrophobic

Protects the surface with a long-lasting hydrophobic layer.

UV Proteciton.png

Long Durability

High durability protection with long lasting performance.

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Water Spot Protection

Excellent protection against acid deposits and water spots.


Buff the glass surfaces thoroughly with Glass Compound (Cerium Oxide based) and make sure the surface is completely dry and free of oils.

Wrap the applicator sponge with the white microfiber suede cloth that comes with the box or use the applicator of your preference. Tack cloth or paper towel is also recommended.

Apply AUTOTRIZ Glass Lite Coating in medium pressure on entire side windows and rear windscreen where no wiper is attached. Apply the product by working in horizontal, or vertical movements in fast motion to ensure that product is carried through evenly.

The hint to applying AUTOTRIZ Glass Lite Coating is to form an even and smooth coating film on the glass surface.

AUTOTRIZ Glass Lite Coating can be wiped off immediately using clean microfiber towels until all film or haze is removed. It can also be washed off immediately using water or shampoo to inspect its hydrophobic effects and to make sure the coating is applied correctly without leaving any uneven spots or stripes.

If the results is not satisfactory, reapply AUTOTRIZ Glass Lite Coating on the whole piece of window glass to form a new layer of coating.


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