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The true breathable protection of remarkable stain-free protection


3D Matrix Booster



Autotriz Fabric & Textile is an Eco-friendly, non-toxic and VOC compliant fabric protector that protects against permanents stains from spills of food and drinks. Dries virtually odourless, transparent and breathable, without affecting the natural feel and softness of fabric or textile. Never leaves any kind of solvent smell. Ideal for almost all absorbent materials like fabric seats, carpets, car mats, soft tops, car trunk and headliner.

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The most complex formulation of stain-free protection without compromising the natural feel of a fabric, completely safe for infants.



Spilling of food can cause seat very hard to clean


Spills of sodas and coffee onto the seat.

Bad Smell

Smell left by cheap solvent based products


Superhydrophobic Effects

Protect fabric with a superhydrophobic layer that does not absorb the liquid of spills from foods and drinks.


Completely Odourless

It has a superb long-lasting effect and it does not have a pungent smell, unlike most fabric protection products in the market


Odorless, breathable fabric protection sealer designed to protect every type of fabric product without affecting the natural feel of the fabric.

Non-Toxic Formula

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and VOC-compliant nanotechnology-formulated coating that is non-harmful to infants.


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Super Hydrophobic

Excellent hydrophobic effects with water angle up to 150°

UV Proteciton.png

Chemical resistance

Can be cleaned for multiple times.

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Soils can be vacuumed or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution.

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Original State

Retains the natural texture and appearance of fabric in the long run.

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Stain Protection

Against stains from spills, food, drinks, and oil

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Lower Dusting

Protected seats will trap lesser dust

Mode d'emploi

Apply with a pressure spray applicator, HVLP Spray Gun, Sure Shot A1000G, or Titan 19421

Begin on the headliner applying a fine mist.

Next, treat the seating areas, door and trim panels, and, finally the carpeting. If there is any product left over spray the floor mats and trunk liner

One 300ml bottle treats the average vehicle.

Pay particular attention to the driver’s seat and the immediate surrounding area due to increased wear and the likelihood of spills. Dry time is approximately 1 hour; maximum repellent is achieved after 24 hours.

The product is supplied with a cap and trigger sprayer nozzle separately. Always tighten the bottle with a cap after every use. The trigger sprayer nozzle should be emptied and air dried for the next use to avoid blockage.


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