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Protect the interior from the palm of your hand with AUTOTRIZ


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Autotriz Leather & Vinyl is suitable for all type of leather, synthetic leather/ vinyl and plastic parts. It leaves a long-lasting barrier to protect the surface against permanent stains from dye of blue jeans, pen or marker. Unlike oil based or water-based leather dressings on the market that only leave a temporary dressing, Autotriz Leather & Vinyl preserves the natural feel of leather with its non-oily and non-slippery finish.

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World’s first polysilazane based formulation to protect leather, upholstery, and interior vinyl against daily use damages.


Dye Transfer

Dye stains caused by denim jeans and dress

Colour Fading

Colour Fading caused by UV light or a heat source over time.


Leather absorbs body oils and perspiration from skin and hair causing discolouration.


Non-Oily or Slippery

Preserves the natural feel of leather with a semi-permanent layer of non-oily and non-slippery coating.


Prolongs Life Span of Interior Surface

Protect steering wheels, gear knobs, dashboards, buttons, etc. Prolong the leather from the usual wear and tear.

Prevents Permanent Staining

Protected against permanent staining of dyes from denim jeans or dresses. Making dyes and dirt easy to wash off without damaging the leather.

Chemical & Solvent Resistant

High solvent resistance and excellent wear resistance. Cannot be washed off by chemicals or solvents.


UV Proteciton.png

UV Protection

Superb UV protection against fading and discoloration.

UV Proteciton.png

Scratch Protection

Reduces the risk of scratching the leather and vinyl surface.

UV Proteciton.png


Spills and dirt can be cleaned up easily without leaving any stains.

UV Proteciton.png

Matte Finish

Increases the color depth and never change the luxury tone of the leather

UV Proteciton.png

Cure Fast

Fast application. Achieve maximum result in just a single day

UV Proteciton.png


Does not leave any unpleasant smell after coating is fully cured

Mode d'emploi

Clean the surface thoroughly.

Apply AUTOTRIZ Leather & Vinyl Coating with a puff applicator using normal pressure with horizontal and vertical movement.

If there is any residue, remove it using a microfiber cloth lightly.

Wait 1 hour before adding an additional layer. A second layer will enhance the protection.

When finished. Keep the treated surface away from water and dirt for the next 2 hours.

Make sure the surface is completely clean. Product beads or “fish eyes” is a sign of a silicone release agent or dressing has been used on the surface.


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