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3D Matrix Booster

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3D Matrix Booster



Autotriz Wheel & Caliper is an extremely durable coating for any type of wheels and calipers. Its main advantage is its resistance to wheel cleaners with a pH ranging between 1 and 11. Its superb self-cleaning abilities help repel road grime, brake dust from brake pads and impregnation of iron particles from the brake discs, thus highly reduces cleaning effort.

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A cutting-edge nano ceramic coating that provides durable protection for wheels and caliper against harmful road elements.


Brake Dust

Accumulation of brake dust and iron particles from disc

Chemical Damage

The use of strong acid or alkaline based wheel cleaners

Road Contaminants

Harmful road contaminants like rainwater, salt, and dirt


Brake Dust Rejection

Repels brake dust and protects your wheels from harmful contaminants on the road in the long run. Brake dust and dirt no longer become stubborn stains.


Stain Protection

Debris and contaminants no longer build up on the surfaces of the wheel. High resistance against stains and does not lose its performance under extreme heat.


Mud and dirt no longer require long hours of cleaning and scrubbing, they can be washed off easily without taking much effort.

Chemical Resistant

Protect the wheels against any type of harsh chemicals and cannot be washed off by strong detergent even with multiple washes.


UV Proteciton.png

Thermal Resistance

Performs best and does not lose its stability in high temperatures.

UV Proteciton.png

Super Hydrophobic

Protect surfaces from all kinds of elements with super hydrophobicity.

UV Proteciton.png

Extreme Durability

The coating does not lose its performance for a long period.

UV Proteciton.png

Scratch Resistance

Reduce and minimize the scratches caused by regular wheel cleaning

UV Proteciton.png

Weather protection

Coating performs best even with temperature fluctuations.

UV Proteciton.png


Cleaning becomes hassle-free as dirt can be washed off easily.

Petunjuk Penggunaan

Clean the surface thoroughly to be free of tar, iron particles, etc. on the surface.

Use the white microfiber suede cloth that comes with the box or use the applicator of your preference. Foam applicators can also be used as a substitute

Apply AUTOTRIZ Wheel & Calliper Coating using normal pressure on the applicator.

Make sure the area is well covered. Wait a minute and let the coating cure

Remove residue (not always necessary, depends on the surface) If you are working on a shiny or black-colored surface make sure you don’t have any high spots or streaks when you are done.

Wait 60 minutes before adding a layer for maximum protection.

Allow curing of coating to begin. Curing can be accelerated using IR Lamps. Follow the lamp manufacturer's recommended settings.

Keep coating away from all polish and compound dust during the curing process.


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