Our broad range of specific adapted coating solutions means that our customers can have the surfaces of the most varied materials coated.


The know-how of our experienced specialists combined with a high flexibility in production means that we can support our customers during development and coat a small number of sample production parts, right through to a low-cost large-scale production run in 3D geometries.


Depending on the field of application, several products can therefore be provided with customized functional and decorative layer properties. The diversification of the process engineering and technology also allows the mass production of the coating systems with no loss of quality. Glass, plastics, metal and ceramic materials can be coated depending on the application.


Processes of Quality Assurance are organised in their own department in our company and are responsible for ensuring that development results and product specifications are implemented in the daily production work and that all set quality characteristics are achieved.


Proven results tested and certified to the following standards

  • EN ISO 13034: 2009

  • EN ISO 14325: 2004

  • EN ISO 14605: 2005

  • EN ISO 343: 2010

  • EN ISO 342: 2004

  • EN 14058: 2004

  • DIN EN 1504-2:2015

  • EN ISO 20645

  • DIN EN ISO 20743

  • ISO 22196: 2011

  • DIN EN 14119

  • AATCC 100

  • ISO 4920

  • ISO 9865:1991

  • VO EG Nr. 1935/2004

  • VO EG Nr. 10/2011

  • Okötex 100

  • ISO 11507 A

  • ISO 11998

  • ASTM-E2149-01

  • ISO 20743:2013

  • ISO 27447:2019

  • ISO 21066:2018

  • ISO 10545-14: 2015

  • BS 6431-13: 1986

  • EN101: 1991

  • ISO 10545-11: 1996

  • ISO 10545-13: 2016

  • ISO 10545-3: 1997

  • EN 144411:2016

  • ISO 10993- 1, 5 and 12

  • ISO 22197:2018


We are certified pursuant to ISO 9001:2015

We are committed to a policy of supplying innovative products and services of the highest quality and standards and ensuring that customer’s requirements are met. The cornerstone of our achievement is through inculcating the culture of operating an effective quality management system, meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and committed involvement from all levels of the organization.


We are also committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system and to focus on continual improvement in the following areas:


- Targets to be achieved for company performance which includes on time delivery, customer complaints, returns and non-conformance


- Review of management processes and their effectiveness for the organization and to maintain our commitment to satisfy applicable requirements.


- To provide a quality service which meets preset standards with thorough inspections regimes carried out by all personnel


- To build organization so that we are assertive, responsive, work as a team and are committed towards quality assurance through our internal training

- Introduction of new products, services and capabilities in response to the evolving needs of our customers The quality objectives are established and will be reviewed by the top management through the management review process. Performance data is analysed to assess the continuing suitability of the quality objectives and the quality policy

Download a PDF of our ISO9001:2015 Certificate