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AUTOTRIZ is a global leading producer of advanced high-quality and high-purity nano ceramic coatings and specialized chemicals.

Science Lab

People Behind The Innovation

We are collaborating with six R&D centres in Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, France, and United States for technology support. We are committed to solving global challenges through scientific partnerships with leading universities.

We leverage our team of chemical engineers and materials scientists in developing the best solution for every application. The futuristic nano ceramic coatings that we have developed allow our product to perform better against market competitors because we not only improve its surface properties but rather optimize them in the long term.



Makes The Difference!

Binders in our nano-ceramic protective coatings make such a difference. Rely on top performance from our organic Polysilazanes, and our inorganic Polysilazanes, better known as 3D Matrix technology.

Polysilazanes are polymers that consist of silicon, nitrogen, hydrogen and, in certain cases, carbon. Such polymers can be considered either “inorganic” (perhydropolysilazanes) or “organic” (organopolysilazanes or polycarbosilazanes) in nature.


We are specialized in producing:

• Hydrophobic coatings with Organic Polysilazane Resins (OPSZ).
• Hydrophilic coatings with Perhydropolysilazanes Resins (PHPS)

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World's Leader in

Nano Technology

AUTOTRIZ is the prominent leader in nano ceramic surface protection that offer a series of significant ceramic coating and paint protection film products, each formulated for specific surfaces. Our products are engineered for multiple industries such as automotive, marine, and etc.. Our coating formulas are uniquely designed for surfaces like paint, vinyl, fabric, glass, leather, and more. AUTOTRIZ coatings bond to surfaces at a nano-molecular level, filling in all pores and creating an aesthetic and protective permanent surface. Unsurprisingly, our VERTEK PFFs were developed with our patented Polysilazane nano ceramic technology. Unlike any other, this makes our products perfect for all critical applications across industries.

Scientist on Computer

Safety &


We are committed to a policy of supplying innovative products and services of the highest quality and standards and ensuring that customer’s requirements are met. The cornerstone of our achievement is through inculcating the culture of operating an effective quality management system, meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and committed involvement from all levels of the organization.


Production Facilities

We are proud to manufacture our products on our own and organized to meet the increasing market demand. With extensive raw materials, technical know-how, and advanced technology from around the globe, our products are formulated and developed in-house. As a result, we are also able to provide chemicals to OEM customers, customize their own formulations and empower brands to grow.

Besides, we persist in the collaboration and assistance of great scientists and detailing business professionals. Therefore, all our products are precisely formulated, developed, tested, and manufacture in our facilities. Our persistence and desire have led us to develop excellent products in terms of user-friendly, quality, and durability.

Fists in Solidarity

Network &


We offer top-quality products, outstanding services, and excellent technical support globally to build and nurture long-term partnerships with all of our distributors, resellers and applicators. We are keen on helping every individual to expand their businesses by providing the finest AUTOTRIZ products. Besides, we also focus on offering high-quality promotional materials and devoted support through our customer service department and our social media channels.

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