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AUTOTRIZ is a fast growing brand that has high reputation in the market. With a focus on leading the industry, AUTOTRIZ is proven to increase distributors' profit no matter what size your business is!


AUTOTRIZ is creating the network of global partners for distribution for innovative protective coatings and specialty chemicals. We are actively looking for distributors who could help us to enter new territories or expand in existing ones. When you become a AUTOTRIZ distributor, we enter an exclusive partnership, unique from all others. We believe in bonded relationships, and provide real-time strategic support, while acknowledging that our distributors are the experts in their local markets to maintain long-term success.



  • All inquiries in your country will be forwarded to your company on daily basis.

  • Receive wholesale pricing on all Autotriz products.

  • Your company will be listed on under Distributor Page.

  • You will be entitled to continuous training should Autotriz update the product, release subsequent versions, or significantly modify application methods

  • Marketing support. We share our marketing strategy, social network strategy, e-commerce strategy, successful marketing practices among the partners and provide the necessary marketing support from our dedicated marketing & IT creative team.



Territory Coverage

The potential distributor must plan to cover all target groups in some certain period: services, wholesale/ retail, end users.


Business Plan

The potential distributor shall prepare business plan with the data on all the investments, possible sales channels and plans on sales.


Minimum Purchase Requirements

Based on the business plan data the minimum purchases are agreed together with the partner for every year.



We first sign one year contract with the distributor, giving all the support and benefits as for an non-exclusive partnership. Shall the distributor achieve the agreed minimum purchase requirements for the first year, a 3-year exclusive contract is signed with a possibility to extend.

Annual Licensing Fee

Pay annual distributor's licensing fee (cost will be fixed based on size of territory). Fee can be immediately applied as credit to purchase products. If distributors exceed the yearly minimum purchase requirements, licensing fee will be waived.


Minimum of ONE representative must attend AUTOTRIZ Distributor training.


Exhibitions, Events & Road Shows

Actively participate and/or sponsor in local exhibitions, events and road shows to build up brand awareness.


Interested in becoming a


If you are interested in our products or keen to work with us, send us a message and we will get in contact with you to schedule a quick call or contact us via our email

Once this information has been received our team will review the accounts and get into contact with you.

Thanks for submitting!

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