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Since 18th Century, Germany has been the leading country in engineering and quality through their wide range of chemicals, coatings and bonding materials. Today we are proud to introduce the world's most innovative solutions for surface protection- AUTOTRIZ nano ceramic coatings.


Founded in 2016 as a start-up offering a protective nano coating solution for automotive industry. AUTOTRIZ has grown into an international nano technology firm with an integrated solutions for corporate and government clients. We cooperate with the world’s best laboratories for revolutionary nano technology and help bring innovation to market in collaboration with the award-winning scientists behind the discoveries.

AUTOTRIZ is a global leading producer of high quality and high-purity nano ceramic coatings and specialty chemicals with production facilities in Germany. Innovation is the lifeblood of our business and the ultimate competitive advantage. AUTOTRIZ specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative nano ceramic coating that add unique value to surface with protection. AUTOTRIZ is collaborating with six R&D centers and technology support centers in Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, France and United States. We are committed to solving global challenges through scientific partnerships with leading universities. AUTOTRIZ is recognized as a specialty nano coating pioneer.


AUTOTRIZ offers you high-quality, long-lasting, innovative and functional coating solutions. As a forward-looking and innovative company, we have set ourselves the goal to offering you the right coating solution in the highest possible quality for every application. We are your reliable partner for high performance nano coatings. We offer you a wide range of environmentally and eco-friendly products that have been specifically developed to produce extremely thin, yet highly durable three-dimensional matrix surface coatings. 


Unlike other companies who offer a single technology solution regardless of a client’s needs, we leverage our team of chemical engineers and materials scientists in order to find the best solution for each individual customer. Nano ceramic coatings that we have developed allow our product to perform better against other competitors because we not only improve its surface properties but rather optimize them in the long term. Strictly speaking they are not just surface coatings in the traditional sense, they are more than that: AUTOTRIZ nano technology ensures strong covalent bonding on a molecular level between the coatings and the base substrates. The key to the permanent stability and durability of a coated surface lies in the chemistry of the nano ceramic coating itself. 



Consistency in research & development ensures us always remain as the market leader.



Our state-of-art automated production in clean room produces high quality products with minimal human error.



We provide consultations, training and marketing training and support to help our clients to be one of the best in the market



Excellent online customer service via call, email and live-chat from our website and social medias.


What are the strategies?

Our mission is to harness nano technology as a catalyst for change in surface performance and to make the surfaces in the world last longer.

Our vision is we will be the most innovative, respected and responsible leader in our markets – delivering performance that makes a difference.

Our strategy is to extend our leadership in nano coatings by investing for growth in our core businesses, driving application innovation with our customers.


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