AUTOTRIZ is specialized in manufacturing nano protective coating. We always focus on developing the best surface protection to protect and preserve your valuable assets and investment. We are also dedicated to help increase the efficiency and productivity of industrial application.


Ideal for different industries

Mobility- Automotive, Marine, Aerospace

Our Polysilazane based nano ceramic coating has been specially optimized to be used in wide spectrum of industries such as automotive, marine, aerospace, high speed train, public transportation like tram or bus, food processing industry, wood, stone and even metal, plastic, glass, leather, fabric and other surfaces.​ Thankfully, our Polysilazane based nano ceramic coatings help tackle damage for you– from high temperatures to dirt and grime, weathering, harsh chemicals, scratches, and corrosion.

Architecture & Construction- Exterior and Interior surfaces

Buildings can do little to avoid the onslaught of searing sunshine, continual rain, moisture, and snow. And even inside buildings, surfaces are not safe from dirt and the scratches inflicted on them by their occupants. Our solutions give you long-lasting protection outside (against UV, weathering, and the impact of acid rain, dirt or desert sand) and plenty of options for serious protection in interior applications such as kitchen and bathroom surfaces. They also make surfaces easier to clean, saving time and effort.

Industry- Equipment, Machinery, Plant

When companies invest millions in their industrial assets, they want those assets to last and keep working as intended. Our performance coatings provides powerful protection against corrosion, heat, weathering, wear and tear, and dirt. They also offer important chemical resistance for enhanced durability.

Electronic- Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Electric-vehicle Battery (EVB)

We offer a range of waterproofing products for electronics that will protect circuit boards from accidental water immersion and total submersion. Easier to use and more scalable than conformal coatings, performance ranges from accidental water contact to IPX7 and beyond. We also developed non-conductive nano coatings that blocks out the current and the high voltage of battery from electric shocks if it is overcharged or develops an electrical short.

Consumer- DIY Easy Application for Daily's Activities

Nano technology will become the future lifestyle. We produce ultra-thin nano coatings at commercial scale and bring it directly to consumer use. We develop eco-friendly, environmental-friendly & bio-degradable cleaners for consumer's daily's activities. Let's make the world better!

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