AUTOTRIZ’s Approved Applicator Program ensures that our coatings are applied by trained, qualified specialty applicators. Only approved applicators qualify for AUTOTRIZ’s performance guarantees. Our approved applicator network includes some of the most reputable and highly trained professionals in the industry. There is no substitute for quality application. 

We provide our approved applicators technical assistance when necessary. AUTOTRIZ commits our resources toward the correct and productive application of our coatings to deliver the highest possible level of product quality, customer service and technical expertise.


Deserves Quality Application


Your company will be listed on under Approved Applicator. 


All application requests in your region will be forwarded to your company.


You will receive access to all digital marketing materials, product brochures, product data sheets, safety data sheets, application instructions, independent lab testing reports, etc.


You will be entitled to free training should AUTOTRIZ update the product, release subsequent versions, or significantly modify application methods.

You will receive a Certificate identifying you as a AUTOTRIZ Approved Applicator.


You will be able to identify yourself as a AUTOTRIZ Approved Applicator on your website, social medias, marketing materials, business cards, at your company's premise etc.


Minimum 3 Year of experience in field.

Able to differentiate and compare competitor's products quality.


Commitment to apply all AUTOTRIZ products safely and in accordance with AUTOTRIZ standards.


Professional set-up with equipment, machinery, tools and accessories.


Demonstration of quality workmanship.


A record of dependable customer service.


Excellent reputation with customers and suppliers.


Can only sell and advertise AUTOTRIZ products as part of a service, cannot resell or advertise the product as a standalone item.


Submit Approved Applicator Application Form below.


Upon approval, you are required to purchase a complete Sample Kit either from distributor or directly from our online-store at to do comparison test with competitor's products.


Complete training course for product knowledge, marketing know-how and hands-on application either offline or online by qualified trainer.


Issuance of certificate of completion and singing of Approved Applicator agreement.


Meets and fulfills the terms according to agreement.


Purchase a Starter-Kit with products and marketing materials.


Officially become part of our #TeamTriz family!


AUTOTRIZ reserves the right to accept or reject any applicator as an approved applicator based solely on our opinion of their qualifications. Continued approval is contingent on maintaining minimum requirements as set by AUTOTRIZ.

Approved Applicator Application Form

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