Nano Ceramic Coating

The World's Most Advanced Polysilazane- We make the different!

AUTOTRIZ patented Polysilazane based nano coating is the latest breakthrough in paint protection using multi-functional nano ceramic coating technology. A tough and strong protective barrier of three-dimensional (3D) matrix nano structure is formed with the paint with strong covalent bond. The cross linking molecular structure increases paint hardness to above 9H, producing extreme clarity, high glossy, hydrophobic and ultra-smooth surface.


AUTOTRIZ is proven to effectively protect thousands of exotic cars globally no matter in what weather conditions.



What makes us stands out the competition?

There is nothing better to protecting your car paint than nano ceramic coatings made by AUTOTRIZ. We created a wide range of Nano Ceramic Protective Coatings specifically for automotive use. Made in the highest standards of nano technology at molecular level.


It guarantees to tackle damages for your vehicles from high temperatures or UV rays to dirt and grime. Offering protection against weathering, harsh chemicals, scratches, and corrosion.


For the best experience and enhanced performance, each coatings is specially formulated for a specific coat application and performance. Our strongest performance nano car coating, 3D Matrix Coating 9H forms a permanent bond at molecular ceramic 3D structure.


This durable coating protects the car paint against harmful elements like chemical, bird's droppings, acid rain and protection from UV rays. The ultra-smooth surface also makes the car ease of cleaning. It is the best quality currently available on the market.​


AUTOTRIZ 3D Matrix Coating 9H once fully cured, is measured to have hardness above 9H. Normal clear coat has hardness between 2H to 4H. The increase in the hardness of the surfaces coatede makes the vehicle's paint three times more scratch resistance to swirl marks. This makes it the hardest paint coating on the market today.


This new Polysilazane based nano coating prevents minor scratches to your clear coat while preserving the original factory paintwork. While other Polysiloxane based nano ceramic coatings require frequent maintenance. AUTOTRIZ 3D Matrix Coating 9H is permanent and it cannot be washed off easily by chemical. It is only removable by sanding or heavy machine polishing.



Eliminates waxing forever. Saves you time and money to achieve the results like driving a new car everyday.


Increase the resale value as this ceramic coating will protect the vehicles years down the road.


Long-term protection in snow, sun or rain; no matter in what weather condition.