AUTOTRIZ Ambassadors embody what AUTOTRIZ is all about by creating awareness, attention and sales leads at social medias, social events, road shows and conventions while attracting traffic to AUTOTRIZ. The regular tasks of AUTOTRIZ brand ambassador involve providing information about AUTOTRIZ’s product or service, generating sales opportunities and working to build customer preference for AUTOTRIZ.


Being a AUTOTRIZ Brand Ambassador is privileged to free monthly usage of limited products, special discounts on products, and annual incentives.


Promotes AUTOTRIZ’s products and services.


Represents AUTOTRIZ in a positive way.


Posts quality photos and videos.


Advertises actively on social medias with influential contents.


Ability to write blogs for product review will be an added advantage.


Generates public interest and awareness about AUTOTRIZ.

Assists company with the implementation of marketing campaigns.


Attends exhibitions, trade shows, events and road show by invitation.


Attend sales and marketing meetings and technical training by invitation.


Provides complete information about AUTOTRIZ.


Demonstrates how AUTOTRIZ product works.


Provides customer feedback regarding AUTOTRIZ to company.


Performs other marketing duties relevant to promoting AUTOTRIZ.


Shares ideas with company regarding new ways to market AUTOTRIZ.


Provides information to the company on sales opportunities in a particular community.


A company or person being as AUTOTRIZ Approved Applicator in good standing, with high reputation and recognition in the industry.


Fulfill terms and conditions set by company.


Submit Brand Ambassador Application Form below.


Upon approval, sign Brand Ambassador Contract.


Be the star of #TeamTriz!


AUTOTRIZ reserves the right to accept or reject any applicator as an brand ambassador based solely on our opinion of their qualifications. Continued approval is contingent on maintaining minimum requirements as set by AUTOTRIZ.

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