THE SECRET REVEALS- Polysilazane makes the different!

Binders in our nano ceramic protective coatings make such a difference. Rely on top performance from our organic Polysilazanes, better known as 3D Matrix technology, and our inorganic Polysilazanes.

What Are Polysilazane?

Polysilazanes are polymers consisting of silicon, nitrogen, hydrogen and, in the case of Organopolysilazanes. Such polymers can be considered either Organic (Organopolysilazanes) or Inorganic (Perhydropolysilazanes) in nature and have both silicon and nitrogen atoms in their backbone. Polysilazane-based coatings are modified to make protective layer of:

• Hydrophobic coatings - water contact angle can be up to 120 degrees with Organic Polysilazane Resins (OPSZ).

• Hydrophilic coatings - water contact angle smaller than 10 degrees with Perhydropolysilazanes Resins (PHPS)


Resistance that makes surface irresitable


Provides long-lasting protection against water, dirt, and grime, making surfaces much easier to clean.

Anti-graffiti and Stain Resistant

Acts as a barrier to effectively repel ink, stains, and contaminants.


High-temperature stability

Ensures coatings stay effective, even at extremely high temperatures, using a variety of heat-resistant and high-thermal conductive coatings.

Chemical resistant

Withstands strong cleaning chemicals like acid or alkali (ranging from pH1-14); it can only be removed by abrasives.

Scratch Protection

Integrates a hardness protection above 9H, protecting surfaces from scratches and wear.

Corrosion Protection

Prevents corrosion and the build-up of surface rust.

UV Protection

Preserves valuable surfaces against aging and discoloration caused by the detrimental impact of UV radiation.

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